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Flock Off is now Symterra

At Symterra, we are excited to introduce our new brand identity, marking a significant evolution from Flock Off. Our commitment to ethical and effective bird deterrent solutions remains unwavering as we embark on this new chapter.

Protecting birds and businesses, at the same time

With Symterra’s revolutionary electromagnetic bird repellent technology, you can protect any property from any bird species — safely and humanely.

Cutting-edge, with a touch of bleeding heart

At Symterra, we believe that the smartest solution and the most responsible one are often the same. That’s why we created a bird deterrent system that uses cutting-edge electromagnetic technology to harmlessly influence where birds navigate and land.

We care about what you care about

Symterra’s bird deterrent system offers numerous benefits for both birds and businesses, and it does so with your biggest priorities in mind.

All-Around Safety

We’ve met all industry standards for safe operation around humans and electrical equipment, as certified by the FCC, CE, and Industry of Canada.

Business Efficiency

We’re committed to creating solutions that are easy to implement and maintain — because you don’t need to replace one hassle with another.

Three simple reasons to choose Symterra

Innovative technology

Once implemented, our technology is proven to deter any bird that encounters it.

Immediate, permanent results

Our approach deters all bird species permanently. It’s unavoidable, and birds will never adapt to it.

Easy implementation

Setup and maintenance are easy, so you can focus on your business without worrying about bird deterrence.

It was quite an experience… Installations were done in 25% of the time that it would’ve taken to do elevated netting.
Peter McCarthy
    Trusted by industry-leading companies around the globe