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Innovative Solutions: TDO Advertising Teams Up with Flock Off to Out-Smart Red-Tailed Hawk


In 2015, TDO Advertising was founded and quickly emerged as one of the fastest-growing outdoor advertising firms in the Toledo region. With an extensive network of over 90 displays strategically positioned in high-traffic areas, their impact is undeniable. Nonetheless, the company faced a recent challenge when Lafe Schneider, the CEO of TDO Outdoor Advertising, encountered a drop in revenue. The cause? The presence of a protected bird species, specifically the Red-Tailed Hawk, which chose to nest on one of their most valuable advertising locations earlier this year.

To address this predicament, Lafe discovered Flock Off and decided to make his first purchase back in March, aiming to resolve this issue once and for all.

Leslie Wescott, the Vice President of Sales at Flock Off, specializing in the Out-of-Home (OOH) industry, conducted the following interview with Lafe Schneider regarding his initial purchase and experience with the Flock Off Solution.

Leslie Wescott, Flock Off VP of Sales – OOH

Leslie Wescott: “When you discovered you had a protected bird species nesting on your structure, what was the process and procedures you had to follow in regards to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources?”

Lafe Schneider: “Red-Tail Hawks are protected under the federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Consequently, we were unable to disrupt their habitat, which happened to be located on one of our billboard structures on the catwalk. Removing the hawk or its nest was not an option for us.”

Leslie Wescott: “Did you try alternative bird deterrent solutions prior to Flock Off? If so, were they successful?”

Lafe Scheider: “We reached out to several pest control companies, but they were unable to take any action due to the bird’s federal protection status. Unfortunately, our attempts to find alternative solutions were unsuccessful.”

Leslie Wescott: “How much revenue did you lose on this particular location due to the Red-Tailed Hawk nesting on your structure?”

Lafe Schneider, CEO, TDO Advertising

Lafe Scheider: “We lost over $26,000 in revenue on this specific structure due to the Red-Tailed Hawk. In April of 2022, the client requested a repaint, and when my operations team attempted to install the vinyl, they faced difficulties and could not proceed due to the presence of the hawk, posing safety risks. Unfortunately, we had to cancel the contract until we were able to find a solution to this issue. The board lost revenue for 12 months until we were able to install Flock Off.

Leslie Wescott: “Did you have any concerns or apprehensions about purchasing your first FO unit? If so, what advice would you give other IBO’s facing a similar situation?

Lafe Scheider: “I did not as I was very confident that the Flock Off product would be successful. We found that the hawk moved to a different area immediately. We also installed the unit before the hawk could lay eggs which would cause further delays.”

Leslie Wescott: “Would you recommend Flock Off to anyone in the industry facing similar challenges?

Lafe Scheider: “Absolutely. I will purchase units in the future if we ever come across this unique scenario again!!”

Introducing the Flock Off Solution, a cutting edge technology specifically engineered to safely and effectively deter birds from landing on structures. If you’d like to explore further, feel free to contact Leslie Wescott, VP of Sales- OOH at [email protected].