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Symterra Bird Deterrent Systems for Agribusiness

Birds can pose significant challenges for agribusiness operations, from crop damage and contamination to increased maintenance costs and health hazards. Symterra, formerly known as FlockOff, provides advanced bird deterrent systems specifically designed to address these issues. Discover how Symterra can help your agribusiness overcome bird-related challenges while keeping our feathered friends safe.

Protect Crops

Birds feeding on crops can lead to significant yield losses and reduced profitability. Symterra bird deterrent systems use electromagnetic waves to create an environment that birds find inhospitable. This non-lethal method effectively deters birds from feeding on crops, ensuring higher yields and protecting your investment.

Key Benefits
  • Increases crop yields
  • Protects agricultural investments
  • Reduces economic losses from bird damage
Reducing Bird Droppings

Bird droppings can contaminate produce, leading to health risks and potential regulatory issues. In agribusiness settings, droppings can also increase cleaning costs and create unsanitary conditions. Symterra systems significantly reduce the presence of birds, minimizing the accumulation of droppings. This ensures a cleaner, safer, and more hygienic environment for both workers and produce.

Key Benefits
  • Maintains cleanliness and visual clarity
  • Reduces health risks and contamination
  • Lowers cleaning and maintenance costs
Preventing Bird Collisions

Bird collisions with greenhouses, storage facilities, and other structures can result in injury or death for the birds and damage to the property. Symterra systems emit signals that alert birds to these obstacles, helping them navigate safely around the facility. This reduces the risk of collisions, preserving both the bird population and the integrity of the structures.

Key Benefits
  • Protects bird populations
  • Reduces property damage
  • Enhances installation safety

Why Choose Symterra?

Symterra bird deterrent systems offer a robust solution for agribusiness operations facing challenges with bird perching, droppings, debris, and collisions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology to create an inhospitable environment for birds, Symterra ensures your facilities remain clean, safe, and operational.

This innovative approach not only addresses immediate concerns but also provides long-term benefits, making Symterra an essential investment for agribusiness operators seeking to protect their crops and enhance their operational environment.

Advanced Technology

Utilizes electromagnetic waves.


Humane bird deterrent method that keeps birds safe.

Comprehensive Solution

Addresses perching, droppings, debris, and collisions.

Long-Term Benefits

Reduces maintenance costs and protects infrastructure.

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Flock together with Symterra and let your agribusiness flourish without pesky bird problems. For more information on how Symterra can help your agribusiness: