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Symterra Bird Deterrent System

The future of bird control

Utilizing breakthrough electromagnetic technology, the Symterra bird deterrent system offers businesses a safe, effective, and environmentally friendly way to manage bird-related challenges.


Our system provides everything you’re looking for in a bird deterrent. It keeps birds away. It does no harm. And it can work wherever you need it to.

100% humane

Symterra EM Pro is silent, odorless, and completely harmless to birds, humans, and other animals.

Proven effective

Once implemented, our technology is proven to permanently deter any bird that encounters it.


Our one-product solution deters all bird species for your property.

How it works

Birds follow their instincts

Migratory and territorial birds have a protein production in their eyes that allows them to “see” directionally through earth’s gridlines, like a GPS.

We create a blind spot

When flying over your property, an electromagnetic “force field” tells the bird that your area or structure is off limits — and that they simply can’t land there.

The birds keep flying

Unharmed — and unaware of any disruption — the birds continue their search for a good place to roost, nest, or forage.

Bird Control Technology in Action

The Symterra system is made up of just a few easy-to-install components. Together, they create a solution that’s aesthetically pleasing and adaptable to any structure that needs protection.

Generating the pulse

Designed to plug into a standard outlet, the power supply is a small, durable, and weather-proof device that produces an electromagnetic pulse.

Carrying the pulse

Double-insulated stainless steel wires carry the pulse from the power supply to the first capacitor.

Creating the Barrier

Capacitors, which can be mounted to various structures, potentiate the pulse and form an electromagnetic barrier at a low frequency of 120Hz.

Expanding the protection area

Each power supply can support up to 100 capacitors, which can be daisy-chained together using stainless steel wires, rings, and extension spring hooks — all made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

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    Get up and running fast

    There’s a clear consensus among our customers: The Symterra Bird Deterrent System is easy to set up.

    The install was really simple and easy to understand.

    YESCO Outdoor Media

    Installations were done in 25% of the time that it would’ve taken to do elevated netting.


    It’s super easy to install and it’s highly effective.

    Ecoskan Pest Solutions
    Dedicated Support

    From initial consultation to setup and ongoing technical support, our team is ready to help.