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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our
bird deterrent system and how it works.


Learn about our bird deterrent system, how it works, and other must-knows.

  • How does Symterra’s bird deterrent system work?

    Birds are biologically optimized to navigate. There’s a special protein in their eyes, mineral crystals in their beaks, and wave receptors in their ears, eyes, and brains. Together, these elements provide every bird with an “internal GPS.”

    The Symterra system emits an electromagnetic frequency that disrupts that GPS. When in range, birds are temporarily unable to judge speed, direction, and distance — which is annoying, but not harmful. Discouraged from landing, the birds simply continue their search for a good place to roost, nest, or forage.

    For more details, visit our How It Works page.

  • Is this technology effective?

    Yes, our system has been proven to be highly effective.

    If you’ve got birds landing in an unwanted area — just about any unwanted area — our bird deterrent system can help. It has been successfully implemented in various industries, including agriculture, aviation, and waste management.

    Our customers have reported significant reductions in bird-related issues since implementing our system. For real customer stories, visit our Testimonials page.

  • Is the electromagnetic frequency safe?

    Absolutely. Our bird deterrent system is designed with safety in mind — it won’t hurt birds or humans.

    The electromagnetic technology used is non-invasive and doesn’t emit any harmful radiation. We’ve also met all industry standards for safe operation around humans and electrical equipment, as certified by the FCC, CE, and Industry of Canada.

  • Will it interfere with other electronic, communications or electrical systems?

    No. Thankfully, our system only interferes with birds.

    Since it doesn’t emit any radio frequency or ultrasound waves, the Symterra system won’t interfere with other electrical equipment. It creates an electromagnetic field using an oscillator that operates at 120 hertz in the audio frequency spectrum, creating a 5-to-6-foot field.

    Our system also has Electromagnetic Compatibility Certification meeting requirements for compliance certification in the USA (FCC) and Europe (CE).

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of our bird deterrent system depends on various factors, such as the size of the area to be covered and the specific requirements of the installation. We offer customized solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. Please Contact Us for a personalized quote.


Find answers to common questions about the installation, maintenance, and effectiveness of our bird deterrent system.

Does Symterra provide installation support?

Absolutely. We’ll provide all the training you need to ensure a smooth installation. We can also refer you to an authorized reseller for hands-on support.

How big is the Symterra System?

Our system components are discrete, and the system can be scaled to fit most spaces and property types. Here are a few specifics you’ll want to know before installation:

– The reactor is 11 x 14 cm.
– Each capacitor is approximately 6.3 cm high by 2.5 cm wide.
– One reactor will serve to create a field covering approximately 600 linear feet.

Where can it be installed?

The Symterra system can be installed just about anywhere. Restaurants, stadiums, warehouses, billboards, homes, office buildings, hotels — you name it, our technology can protect it.

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