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Symterra Launches New Brand Identity to Expand Commitment to Ethical Bird Deterrent Solutions


Tucson, AZ — 06/24/2024 11:00AM MST (UTC – 7), 2024 — Symterra, formerly known as Flock Off, a leader in electromagnetic bird deterrent technology, today unveiled its new brand identity.

FlockOff Is Now Symterra

Derived from “Symbiotic” and “Terra” (Earth), Symterra signifies the company’s mission to foster coexistence between humans and wildlife. This repositioning underscores Symterra’s commitment to sustainable progress through innovative technologies that deliver ethical and impactful outcomes for businesses.

“At Symterra, we envision a future where human advancements harmonize with nature,” said CEO John Smalley. “Our electromagnetic technology offers a humane approach to bird deterrence, ensuring businesses mitigate issues like hygiene, safety, and property damage without resorting to outdated and harmful measures.”

Symterra’s technology disrupts birds’ internal GPS systems temporarily, utilizing harmless electromagnetic frequencies. This approach encourages birds to seek alternative locations for roosting and foraging, effectively addressing nuisance concerns while safeguarding avian populations.

The rebrand also signals Symterra’s expansion into new markets, bolstering its customer base and reseller partnerships. By aligning its brand narrative with customer values, Symterra aims to broaden its impact globally, addressing diverse environmental and operational challenges faced by businesses.

“We’re excited about Symterra’s evolution and expanded reach,” added John Smalley. “This transformation allows us to better serve businesses seeking sustainable solutions, while upholding our commitment to product quality and efficacy.”

For more information about Symterra and its innovative bird deterrent solutions, or contact us [email protected].